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RN Nursing Tie-Dye Leopard Clear Cast Decal

RN Nursing Tie-Dye Leopard Clear Cast Decal

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Clear Cast Decals for Tumblers and Pens 

This item will come at 3.5” tall. That makes it the perfect size to apply to you tumblers. Apply with transfer tape, or peel and stick like a sticker.

Any areas that show white on the image will be clear, allowing your tumbler to show through. Just like with clear waterslide, you do not want to use clear cast on a dark colored background. White cast decals, will actually show white in those areas, making the entire decal opaque.

-Printed on clear cast or white cast material with professional inks.

-No Sealing

-No Water

-No Dry Time


-Smudge & Smear proof

-DO NOT use alcohol or acetone on this product, as it will remove the ink.

Application Instructions:

1) I recommend trimming even closer to the image if needed

2) Take a piece of transfer tape and stick to your skin or a tshirt and remove to decrease the stickiness. This makes it easier to transfer the decal to make it easier to peel back up if needed

2) Use a piece of transfer tape (like you would with adhesive vinyl) and firmly press it over the decal to pick it up off the backing

3) Place decal on desired clean and smooth surface and start pressing from the center outwards. I prefer to use a squeegee or a credit card to press evenly and help avoid air bubbles. If you don't have one, no worries, just use your finger.

4) I recommend putting the image directly over a smooth layer of epoxy. That will help it to stay clear. 


*This is a sublimation transfer ONLY. You will receive a sublimation transfer of the image. This is NOT a digital file and you will NOT receive a tumbler**

* These transfers will not print white ink. If there is white in the design it will become the color of the cup you apply it to.
* Each transfer has a ONE time use.
* Image color may vary slightly due to computer screen resolution
* Tumbler must have a polymer coating and ready for sublimation.

Please understand that sublimation is a transparent dye based ink.The color of your substrate will affect the outcome. Pictures on a white base. Ink is heat reactive so it will look different on the paper than the final outcome. 



I do not offer refunds on prints unless there is an error on my end. Customer is also responsible for making sure the shipping address is correct. 


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